Beer and Cider Discovery Centre


Tap into consumer demand for craft beers and ciders to create impulse sales and higher basket value.


A cleverly engineered ‘kit’ solution designed to evoke a traditional, earthy feel that creates a unique shopping experience in liquor stores.

The ‘Mix and Match your own six pack’ promotion encourages new product trial and is supported at the point of purchase by several hooks on the side of the unit that house cardboard 6-pack carriers for grab’n’go impulse purchases.

The core of the design focuses upon the key insight that shoppers often find the craft beer and cider categories confusing due to the huge range of flavours and types available. Based on this, Advantage Line created a “Flavour Map” visual to help shoppers navigate the spectrum of products on offer. The “Cider Flavour Map” and “Craft Beer Descriptors” are located prominently by each product to help the shopper make an informed purchase decision that in turn leads to a better product experience.